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Viet Nam Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc to officiate the joint opening ceremony of ASEAN Energy Business Forum and ASEAN Ministers of Energy Meetings virtually.


ASEAN Energy Business Forum 2020 gives you direct access to virtually connect with and hear insights from all ASEAN Energy Ministers and Global Leaders as they showcase how the region will drive the world’s future energy demand. Between 2020 and 2040, ASEAN will invest US$2.4 trillion to keep up with its energy demand. ASEAN countries will invest close to US$120 billion per annum. ASEAN Energy Business Forum 2020 brings all ASEAN Ministers, Senior Policy Makers and Regional Energy leaders driving this investment together.



3rd East Asia Energy Forum: Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS)/ Carbon Recycling in ASEAN

09:00 - 09:30 Registration

09:30 - 09:35 Opening Speech

Welcome and Opening Address

09:35 - 10:10 Keynote Speeches


    • H.E. Mr. Koichi Munekiyo, Parliament Vice-Minister of Economic, Trade and Industry, Japan

    • H.E. Dr. Khammany Inthirath, Minister of Energy and Mines, Lao PDR

    • H.E. Mr. Suy Sen, Minister of Mines and Energy, Cambodia

10:10 - 10:30 Scene Setting Presentation

Energy Demand Perspective in ASEAN


    • Mr. Shigeru Kimura, Special Adviser to the President on Energy Affairs, ERIA

10:30 - 11:30 Session 1: Carbon Recycling

Keynote Presentation: Carbon Recycling Perspective


  • Jun Arima, Senior Policy Fellow, ERIA

Keynote Presentation

    • Recent movements on Carbon Recycling and R&D projects by Dr. Hideaki Tanaka, Director General, Environment Department, NEDO, Japan


    • Hiroshi Tsuchiya, Director of Coal Division, Natural Resources and Fuel Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, METI, Japan
    • Saleh Abdurrahman, Senior Advisor to the Minister for Environment and Spatial Planning, MEMR, Indonesia
    • Dr. Twarath Sutabutr, Inspector General, Ministry of Energy, Thailand

11:30 - 14:00 Break

14:00 - 15:00 Session 2: CCUS – Current Situation and Future Perspective organized by MRI

Opening Speech
Keynote Speeches

  • CCUS Promotion through Polices by Mr. Ian Havercroft, Senior Consultant, GCCSI
  • Global Trend in CCUS Business Cases by Ms. Kikuko Shinchi, Senior Researcher, Climate Change Solutions Group, Sustainable Division, MRI

Case Studies in Asia and Creating a Successful Business Model

  • Introduction of CCUS-EOR and CO2 Pipeline Project in Indonesia by Mr. Hiroto Harata, General Manager, Technical Division, Environmental Engineering Department, JAPEX
  • Introduction of CCUS and Power Generation Development Project in Indonesia by Dr. Yucho Sadamichi, Consultant, Japan Nus Co., Ltd.

15:00 - 15:15 Break

15:15 - 16:25 Session 2: Panel Discussion (Continued)

Towards Acceleration of CCUS Promotion in Asia/ASEAN through Partnership

Discussion Topics:

  • Lessons learnt from previous activities (e.g., center of excellence), views towards regional collaboration
  • What is needed to accelerate CCUS from government perspective?
  • Expected role sharing by government and private sector
  • What private sector can do to improve a business model (e.g., patent business) and how such model can facilitate decarbonization through CCUS in Asia?
  • Issues from financial sector perspective with particular focus on legal framework on Asia
  • Concept of regional network and the role of Japan


Ms. Kikuko Shinchi, MRI


  • Jinmiao Xu, Energy Specialist, Energy Sector Group, Department of Sustainable Development and Climate Change, ADB
  • Hoang Van Tan, Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), Vietnam
  • Dewi Mersitarini, Pertamina, Indonesia
  • Dr. Zhong Sheng, Research Fellow, Energy Study Institute, NUS
  • Ms. Yukimi Shimura, Sustainable Business Division, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
  • Mr. Yukihiro Kawaguchi, Director, Global Environment Partnership Office, METI, Japan

16:25 - 16:35 Wrap-up and Closing

by Prof. Hidetoshi Nishimura, President, ERIA

Shaping Energy Transition in ASEAN

By 2030, ASEAN will become the 4th largest energy consumer in the world. ASEAN’s energy transition pathways are unique, underpinned by diverse factors and goals: energy connectivity, universal access, aspiration on renewables, LNG cooperation and trade, technological innovations. Today’s programme allows you insights into ASEAN’s energy transition planning, Vietnam’s vibrant market, role of gas and LNG, renewables integration.  

08:00 Registration & Networking

09.00 Host Ministry Welcome Address


H.E. Tran Tuan Anh, Minister of Industry and Trade, Socialist Republic of Vietnam

09.15 ASEAN Centre for Energy Welcome Address


Dr. Nuki Agya Utama, Executive Director, ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE)

09.30 Co-Host Keynote Address

Energy Transition Strategies in a World of Uncertainty Amidst Covid-19 Recovery

09.45 Co-Host Keynote Address

Powering Vietnam’s Secure and Clean Energy Growth and Implications of PDP 8

10.00 Keynote Address

10.15 Special Address

Delivering Competitive LNG for ASEAN’s Energy Transition


Tom Earl, Chief Commercial Officer, Venture Global LNG

10.30 Networking Break & Private Meetings

10.40 Panel: Industry’s Role in Driving ASEAN’s Energy Transition

  • How can industry support ASEAN’s drive towards fuel diversification, energy security and decarbonization?
  • How are businesses adapting to capitalize on the opportunities of Energy Transition provide?
  • What is the implication of the pandemic on energy transition and how industry should cope?
  • Collaboration opportunities between public and private sectors
  • Innovations in policies and business models

11.40 Lunch Break & Private Meetings

14:00 Special Address

Southeast Asia Energy Outlook in a Global Context


Tengku Muhammad Taufik, President & Group CEO, PETRONAS

14.15 Special Address


Andrew Walker, VP – Strategy, Cheniere Energy

14.30 Panel: Leveraging Gas and LNG Opportunities to Drive ASEAN’s Transition to Cleaner Fuels

  • The evolving role of gas/LNG in ASEAN’s energy mix
  • LNG market, pricing updates and upside opportunities for buyers
  • Emerging LNG markets in ASEAN, such as Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar
  • Small scale LNG opportunities

15.20 Networking Break & Private Meetings

15.35 Keynote Address: Accelerating ASEAN’s Energy Transition Pathway

15.50 Special Address


Frank Phuan, CEO and Executive Director, Sunseap Group

16.00 Keynote Address: Driving progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 in the ASEAN region


Liu Hongpeng, Director, Energy, UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)

16.10 Panel: Grid Connectivity – Renewables Integration and Opportunities for Power Optimisation and Affordability

  • Utility’s goals of renewables in energy mix
  • Examine the uptake of solar and wind power generation in ASEAN
  • Challenges in renewables integration into the grid
  • Technology solutions
  • Decentralized energy systems
  • The role of coal-fired plants in energy transition

17.00 Presentation: Insights on Renewables Integration Into the Grid and Its Role in ASEAN’s Energy Transition


  • Bethany Speer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Josh Novacheck, Electricity System Research Engineer, (NREL)

17.15 Panel: Bridging Science, Policy and Business Towards Resilient Energy Transition

The panel will present the perspectives and roles of academics in contributing to the region’s energy transition dialogue and actionable projects.


  • Prof. Shobhakar Dhakal, Head of Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  • Dr. Philip Andrews-Speed, Senior Principal Fellow, Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore

18.15 End of Day Two

Energy Transition in Practice

ASEAN’s sustainable energy pathways till 2040 presents $3 trillion cumulative investment Opportunities. In practice, how does that translate into financing, sector specific developments, investments? The energy transition landscape has evolved quickly in response to the global energy disruptions caused by Covid-19. Amidst the transition, what opportunities have presented in upstream, LNG, LNG to power, renewables sectors?

08:00 Registration & Networking

09.00 Fireside Chat

A focused interview session with an ASEAN energy minister. The interview succinctly draws the country’s energy priorities, energy transition strategies and investment opportunities.  


  • Joseph Semsar, Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade, International Trade Administration, U.S.A

09.20 Special Address: Sustainable Upstream Activities for ASEAN’s Energy


  • Krekshi Fuad, Executive Vice President Middle East and Far East Region, Eni

09.30 Panel: Upstream Joint Exploration Strategies for Oil & Gas Resources in ASEAN

  • Recent significant oil & gas discoveries
  • 2020 price volatility’s impact on the upstream E&P
  • Strategies for NOCs to increase reserves and production, and long-term growth
  • M&A, internationalization strategies and capturing new business opportunities such as gas to power, LNG, technologies

10.20 Special Address: South Korean Solutions to Support ASEAN’s Energy Pathways


CEO, Korea Gas Safety Corporation

10.35 Panel: LNG-to-Power Solutions, Small-Scale LNG Solutions for ASEAN

  • Active projects and pipelines of LNG to Power
  • Examine the complexities and reasons for LNG-to-power adoptions in ASEAN
  • Review and case studies
  • Manage energy infrastructure financing and hedge risks of price volatility, technical integration


Mike Fulwood, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute of Energy Studies

11.25 Keynote Address: Mitsubishi Power’s Role in Supporting ASEAN Power Sector’s Energy Transition Pathways

Osamu Ono, Managing Director and CEO, Mitsubishi Power Asia Pacific

11.40 Panel: $3 Trillion Cumulative Investment for ASEAN’s Sustainable Energy Pathways – How Do We Get There?

  • How will 2021 Post-Covid look like, and are we on track to attain the investment goals?
  • Appetite for clean energy infrastructure investment and financing in ASEAN
  • How can ASEAN governments create more attractive destinations for clean energy capital
  • Roles of financial institutions (banks, SWFs, institutional investors, PE etc.) in this shift
  • How existing investment models, financing structures can accelerate the energy transition
  • What will capital allocation for gas, renewables, cleantech sectors look like
  • Potential for climate financing to support low carbon transition

12.30 Keynote address: Clean Coal Technologies – Cleaner Solution for Affordable, Reliable Power Supply


Michelle Manook, Chief Executive, World Coal Association

12.40 Lunch Break & Private Meetings

13:30 Keynote Address


H.E. Joseph McMonigle, Secretary General, International Energy Forum (IEF)

13:45 Special Address: The Role of Gas and LNG in Powering Viet Nam’s Low-Carbon Growth

14:00 Keynote Address: Commoditization of LNG and The Implications for ASEAN’s Energy Security and Decarbonisation


    • Martin Houston, Vice Chairman, Tellurian

14.15 Panel: Spotlight on Solar: Successful Case Studies, Business Models and New Pipelines in ASEAN

  • Examine the solar boom in ASEAN driven by policy support and cost reduction
  • From FiT to bidding system, how countries have evolved their strategies to drive vibrant and competitive markets
  • Innovations in business models, applications, e.g. floating solar, community involvement and new products (such as tradable renewables certificates)
  • Decentralised energy systems
  • Innovation on blockchain & digitalization on solar: P2P trading and prosumers


Sol Proops, CEO, Blueleaf Energy

15.30 Joint Opening Ceremony of the 38th AMEM & Associated Meetings and the 2020 ASEAN Energy Business Forum

  • Keynote Speech by the Prime Minister of Viet Nam H.E. Nguyen Xuan Phuc
  • Launch of APAEC Phase 2: 2021-2025 and 6th ASEAN Energy Outlook
  • Ceremonial Signing of MoUs
  • Press Conference

16.30 Break; Sign-in and Connection Check

17.00 ASEAN Energy Awards Ceremony

19.00 End of Day Two

Forwarding Looking Solutions & Investment for ASEAN’s Sustainable Future

Day four’s programme explores diverse forwarding looking solutions: wind, energy storage, hydrogen, energy efficiency. The second half details country specific energy investment opportunities – unique insights on ASEAN countries and uncover opportunities.

08:00 Registration & Networking

09.00 Keynote Remarks

German Ambassador (TBC)

09.05 Presentation: Charting ASEAN’s Pathways Collectively - APAEC Phase 2 and 6th Edition of ASEAN Energy Outlook


    • ASEAN Centre for Energy

09.25 Panel Presented by UNEP: Renewable Energy Transition In a Post-Covid 19 Scenario – Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Current state and impact to DRE businesses post-Covid19
  • Foster a dialogue on the role DRE can play in job creation and economic empowerment for women among ASEAN members states post-Covid19
  • Discussions about post-Covid19 stimulus packages and policy considerations relevant to renewable energy, climate change, gender equality and economic empowerment
  • Brainstorm on key policy and investment considerations to align renewable energy post-Covid19 recovery with gender equality commitments and inclusive and resilient growth

10.30 Panel: The Accelerating Role of Wind in ASEAN’s Energy Mix

  • Overview of wind projects in ASEAN
  • Spotlight on Vietnam’s remarkable wind energy story
  • Policy support, PPA model, grid connectivity issues
  • Access to project finance to boost wind sector developments and financing innovations


    • Jon Dugstad, Director, Wind & Solar, Norwegian Energy Partners
    • Jie Tang, Practice Manager, Energy and Extractive Global Practice, World Bank
    • Melissa Brown, Director, Energy Finance Studies, Asia, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

11.20 Ministerial Keynote: Invest in Canada and Play A Role in Global Decarbonisation

11.40 Panel: Energy Storage and Hydrogen – Innovations and Accelerating Their Roles in ASEAN’s Energy Transition

  • Status of energy storage and hydrogen developments in ASEAN
  • Financial and technical issues on promotion of energy storage
  • Blue hydrogen & LNG business integration opportunities
  • Potential to use hydrogen as future fuel
  • Utilization of fossil fuel and nuclear energy to support hydrogen economy

12.20 Panel: Energy Efficiency (EE) as the First Fuel

  • Energy efficiency’s role in social development, economic growth, resilience, and clean energy transition
  • Why EE’s benefits are more important than ever in the COVID-19 context
  • Learning from the global best practices
  • Recommendations for ASEAN governments and industry sectors


    • Eric Graef, Chief Technical Officer, ENGIE South East Asia

13.00 Spotlight Panel: South Korean Solutions and Collaboration Opportunities with ASEAN

This panel discussion will feature 4 reputed South Korean companies who have significant participation in ASEAN’s oil & gas, LNG, renewables projects. The discussion will highlight these companies’ capabilities and case study projects.

13.40 Networking Break & Private Meetings

14.00 Energy Project Investment Opportunities Across ASEAN

A 15min presentation of latest energy initiatives and business opportunities across member countries that help drive the region’s sustainable energy future (with Reserved speakers).

SEDA’s perspectives and role in strengthening renewable growth, and promoting renewables investment in Malaysia

Speaker: Ir. Dr. Sanjayan Velautham, CEO, Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA)

Energy policies, initiatives and investment opportunities in Vietnam

Speaker: Hoang Tien Hung, Director General, Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority, Vietnam

Energy policies, initiatives and investment opportunities in Brunei 

Speaker: Pengiran Jamra Weira Pengiran Haji Petra, Deputy Permanent Secretary (Energy & Power), Department of Energy, Brunei Darussalam

Energy policies, initiatives and investment opportunities in Thailand

Speaker: Dr Twarath Sutabutr, Inspector General, Ministry of Energy Thailand

Energy policies, initiatives and investment opportunities in Cambodia 

Speaker: Victor Jona, Director General of Energy, Ministry of Mines & Energy, Cambodia

Energy policies, initiatives and investment opportunities in Indonesia 

Speaker: Rida Mulyana, Director General for Electricity, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia

Energy policies, initiatives and investment opportunities in Laos

Speaker: Chanthaboun Soukaloun Aloun, Managing Director, Électricité du Laos (EDL)

Energy policies, initiatives and investment opportunities in Myanmar 

Speaker: Myo Myint Oo, Managing Director, Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise

Energy policies, initiatives and investment opportunities in the Philippines

Speaker: Jesus Cristino P. Posadas, Undersecretary, Department of Energy, Philippines

Energy policies, initiatives and investment opportunities in Singapore

16.30 Minister-CEO Dialogue* Themed Responsive and Cohesive Energy Pathways for ASEAN

*By invitation only

17.30 End of AMEM & AEBF 2020

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