1. I want to register as a Delegate for the AEBF 2020 Virtual Strategic Conference, how can I   register?

To register as a delegate, please visit www.aebf.asia/delreg or email us at aebf@dmgenergyevents-news.com. One of our Delegate Sales team members will get back to you.

2. Are there any additional costs involved once I have completed my online registration?

No, once you book your delegate pass, there is no additional cost to be incurred.

3. Where can I find the most updated virtual strategic conference Agenda?

To access the most updated Conference Agenda, please visit www.aebf.asia/virtual or email aebf.conference@dmgevents.com.

4. What are the strategic disciplines that will be covered during the 4 days of the conference?

The AEBF 2020 Virtual Strategic Conference will cover sector topics including: energy policies, upstream E&P, gas, LNG, power, wind, solar, digitalization, energy efficiency, LNG to power, energy storage, hydrogen, financing, inclusivity. To find out more about these topic details, please visit www.aebf.asia/virtual.

5. How do I make a group registration?

To make a group registration, please email us at aebf.conference@dmgevents.com. One of our Delegate Sales team members will get back to you.

6. What are the conference timings?

The AEBF 2020 Virtual Strategic Conference will take place from 17 – 20 November 2020.

Day 1: 17 Nov 2020 - 9:00 – 16.30 (ICT - Indochina Time)

Day 2: 18 Nov 2020 - 8:00 – 18:30 (ICT - Indochina Time)

Day 3: 19 Nov 2020 - 8:00 – 19:00 (ICT - Indochina Time)

Day 4: 20 Nov 2020 - 8:00 – 17:30 (ICT - Indochina Time)

7. What time zone are the sessions streamed in?

All Conference Session timings are in ICT - Indochina Time. We advise you to adjust your calendar/schedule accordingly. This set up can be done on the conference platform once you log-in.

8. What if I am unable to attend any of the sessions, are the conference sessions available on  demand? How can I access the video sessions of each day after they have concluded?

Yes, if you are a registered delegate, you can log in to the AEBF 2020 Virtual Strategic Conference platform any hour of the day using your provided log in credentials. You will then be able to access the on-demand version of the sessions of each day immediately. Please note, the on demand stream will only be available for 4 weeks after the event.

9. Am I eligible for the Matchmaking Programme? And how can I access the Matchmaking Programme?

All conference delegates are eligible to use the Matchmaking Programme and can set up virtual meetings with Sponsors, Speakers, fellow Delegates, Exhibitors and Media Partners. All meeting requests and confirmations are managed from the virtual platform. All delegates will receive an Onboarding Guide with complete information 10 days before the event, i.e. 7 November.

10. Is there any specific software and hardware I need to download to access the conference?

No, there is no additional software or hardware that you will need to install. You will need a stable internet connection and a compatible laptop, mobile or a tablet.

11. As a Delegate, do I have access to the Virtual Exhibition, Strategic Conference, and Opening Ceremony?

All Delegates can access the Virtual Exhibition, Strategic Conference and Opening Ceremony. You will not be able to access the VIP Lounge, Ministers-CEOs Dialogue.

12. How and when will I receive my log in details?

Once you register as a delegate, you will receive an email with access instructions 10 days before the event, i.e. 7 November. Please make sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive the email. It is also advised to note down your log in credentials to access the On-Demand content at a later time.

13. What if the session has started and the video streaming isn’t working?

If you are experiencing streaming difficulties, please know that the on-demand content is available instantly. If the streaming isn’t back after a minute, we recommend you switch to watch the session on a different device. Our unique instant playback feature allows you to watch what you may have missed upon your return in less than a minute.

14. The conference starts in 20 minutes – I am logged in but what if there is nothing on my screen?

The AEBF 2020 Virtual Strategic Conference sessions are scheduled to begin streaming on time. Therefore, please remain logged in until the session begins streaming on time. Please remember – the Sessions are listed in the conference time zone – ICT - Indochina Time.

15. If I want to watch 2 sessions that are streaming simultaneously, can I go back later and view one of them?

Yes, all of the sessions will be available instantly during streaming live. This is possible through the unique instant playback feature available to all delegates on the platform. This allows users to replay any video no matter how long it's been streaming for. This is especially beneficial where delegates may have missed the first few minutes of an important announcement or panel discussion. All video sessions will be available for up to 4 weeks post-conference.

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